Cap'n Eviekinz McGee (enigmalea) wrote in torchwhostills,
Cap'n Eviekinz McGee


About five minutes ago I came home from work early (I have a low-grade fever for no apparent reason) and decided to climb into bed. In the process of getting into bed, I managed to knock my laptop off and break the charger plug. It's pretty much shattered. I ordered a new one, but the estimated delivery date isn't until NEXT Friday at the latest. If that's the case, I obviously won't be around until at least then due to not having access to post.

The "at least" clause is that some of the plug MAY have broken off into the housing in which case, I'm not sure replacing the charger is actually going to fix anything. I do have a smartphone and an Amazon Kindle, so I have minimal access to give you updates.

For now: challenge #23: Meat is still due optimistically on Sunday, in case the shipping Gods work some magic and get my power cord to me lightening fast. If not, I'll make a quick post letting you know the challenge has been extended until probably Tuesday or Wednesday which is my earliest arrival shipping date.

So sorry for the hassle. Stay tuned for updates.
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