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Voting: Challenge #20!

Sorry this is late and thank you for your patience!

To Vote:
→ Comment with your choice for first listed first, your choice for second listed second, and your choice for third listed third, with all votes separated by commas.
ex - 75, 100, 88
This vote means you like 75 the best, 100 the second best, and 88 the third best.
→ In this voting system, each vote is counted with each first place being awarded 3 points, each second place being awarded 2 points, and each third place being awarded 1 point.
→ The icon with the highest total number of points wins first place overall, etc. The icon with the most votes will win Most Creative.
→ Please comment using the voting template below.
→ Voting will be open until 13 Feb 2012 at 8 PM EST.
Reminder: everyone who entered MUST vote. You MAY NOT vote for your own icons OR SETS.
→ For more information on voting rules and procedures see this BEFORE placing your vote. If you need further clarification or have other questions comment here.

Voting Template

Entry 1Entry 2Entry 3Entry 4
Entry 5Entry 6Entry 7Entry 8
Entry 9Entry 10Entry 11Entry 12
Entry 13Entry 14Entry 15Entry 16
Entry 17Entry 18Entry 19
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