February 27th, 2012


Challenge #22: Pairings

Challenge #22: Pairings
→ This will be a loosely interpreted theme. Your icon can feature a pair of anything: two Doctors, two best friends, two companions, two TARDISES, a romantic pairing, two Daleks... even two shoes. You are encouraged to think outside of the box for this challenge, but not so far that I'll have to ask you how your icon fits into the theme. If any of your icons leaves me scratching my head, I'll let you know before disqualifying it so you can submit another one.
→ You may use any screencap, promo image, episode still, etc, as long as it is from Doctor Who. Please do not use other appearances of the actors for this challenge.
→ The special category this week will be Best Interpretation of Theme and will be chosen by voters.
→ You may submit up to 4 icons.
→ Please review the general rules here before entering. In short: icons must be 100x100, under 40KB, contain no animations. All other effects (textures, text, blends, etc) are allowed.
→ Icons must be submitted to this entry by Monday, 5 Mar 2012 at 7 am EST.

Current Entries: 15