January 1st, 2012


Hiatus Update!

Okay, so the official date is not officially here, yet, but this is the warning we are returning soon. I have decided to make some changes to the way things are run here, and for those of you asking, I have made a decision about Challenge #17: Text, as well.

Rules/Procedure Changes
→ I'm no longer going to be overlapping challenges or sticking to a set schedule. My life is a bit too chaotic for me to be able to predictably stick to a schedule. Challenges won't always be due on Saturday morning EST nor will new challenges be posted every Friday morning.
→ Challenges will continue to only last a week when it comes to the original deadline for icons.
→ Only one challenge will run at a time. A new challenge will be posted either later the same day or the day after winners for the previous challenge are announced. For example,
Challenge #17: Text has entries due on Friday, 6 Jan 2012 at 7am EST.
↳ Assuming we receive enough entries by that time, voting will be posted within a couple of hours of the challenge ending. Voting will run for 48 hours.
Sunday, 8 Jan 2012 around 8am EST, barring any ties or close votes, winners for Challenge #17 will be announced.
Challenge #18 will be announced either Sunday night or on Monday.
→ Any challenge receiving no entries by the original deadline will not be extended.
→ Challenges with too few entries may have their deadline extended by between 12 and 48 hours.
→ Suggested images may be provided. Special challenges (like the Men/Women of Torchwood Challenges) may limit entries to certain image bases; however, challenges will not be limited to specific selected images on a constant basis.

Why the changes: Although having challenges overlapping keeps the attention of icon makers a little better (or at least it did when I was just participating in icontests), it leaves me as a mod having to worry about posting constantly, especially when our voting has to be extended due to ties, etc. I was getting burnt out from having to post nearly every day, and I felt guilty if I just didn't feel like posting one day.

Our challenges where images are provided tend to have better participation, so in order to encourage more participation, I'm going to try to have image suggestions for the challenges on a weekly basis. Some weeks I may be far too busy to actually gather anything up, so I don't want you guys to expect it every week, but don't be surprised if it starts happening quite frequently. Be sure to read challenge rules carefully to make sure if images being provided are required to be used or if they are just suggestions.

Challenge #17: Text
→ As you can probably tell from the above example, I am going to be picking right back up with the challenge that was suspended since some of you said that you had finished/started working on some entries. I'm a little late in announcing it, but I hope that with the week prior to the hiatus and the next five days you guys can manage to create some spectacular icons. The entry post has already been reopened to accept your entries, so you can start dropping those off now!

I'm going to be updating the website, posting reminders, advertising, and finding more affiliates in the next week. I'm also considering taking on a co-mod, if anyone would be interested. As always, if you have ideas/suggestions, feel free to leave them here or in the mod contact.

I'd like to thank everyone for your continued support. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and will continue to have a great year!